Life is hard. We can gain greater contentment, satisfaction, and leave behind us a proud legacy by taking ownership of our journey and living a life amplified by purpose, intent, and virtue.

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Make America Great

Today we celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, which told the world that the United States of America were a new, free, and independent republic joining the community of nations. This new Republic would in fact change and shape the course of western civilization and the world for the two centuries that followed and beyond. The author ofContinue reading “Make America Great”

Guile > Gadgets

We must never forget that our most useful gadget rests between our ears, and we must be as eager to upgrade it regularly as we are our every day carry pistol or any other tool upon which we depend.

The Measure of a Man

What makes a “man?” Am I a man? Are you? How do we know? How do we measure? Many years ago when my eldest boys were very young, I decided to create a familial definition of manhood that could serve them as a guiding tenet as they matured and navigated life’s complexities. For those of you who’ve read my postContinue reading “The Measure of a Man”

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