The Spoken Word

I’ve been delinquent in writing this last month, but that is in part due to the fact I’ve been speaking a good bit. It just dawned on me today (as I age I can occasionally be slow-witted) that I could also post my podcast appearances periodically so those discussions are archived and available as well. Virtually all of these podcast and videos relate to self-preservation, applied violence, etc.

Ballistic Radio

John Johnston hosts the Ballistic Radio Podcast and is also my teammate at Citizens Defense Research where we, along with Melody Lauer, provide training in self-preservation to the general public. John was gracious enough to invite me on to discuss a couple topics.

Ballistic Radio: “No Plan Survives”

Spotify: “No Plan Survives”

Apple Podcast: “No Plan Survives”

Ballistic Radio: “What IS Good Enough?”

Spotify: “What IS Good Enough?”

Apple Podcast: “What IS Good Enough?”

Primary & Secondary

Primary & Secondary is a website, forum, and community dedicated to evidence-based examination of topics related to self-preservation and applied violence ranging from training to gear and tactics.

In this ModCast we discuss defining your “mission” as it relates to self-preservation as a private citizen, how that influences the tools you choose to carry (or not) and by implication where you should focus your learning.

Apply Podcast: “Defining Your Mission”

iHeart: “Defining Your Mission”

In this ModCast, we discuss tailoring your message to your target audience, curriculum development, and other aspects of communication to a particular audience.

Active Self Protection National Conference 2020

Active Self Protection has released some video excerpts from the Contextual Home Defense: Planning & Execution Seminar I presented in 2020. I break down the goals of home defense to be “avoidance, deterrence, early warning, and dominance,” and examine ways to achieve those goals in the various domains that affect our home security: cyber/online, away from home, immediately around the home, at entry points, and inside the home.

Discussing the overall theory of risk mitigation.
How social media activity can affect our security at home.
Concepts and strategies to keep trouble from following you home.

Mountain Man Medical

At the 2021 Active Self Protection National Conference, Brian McLaughlin of Mountain Man Medical asked me to sit down for a few minutes and discuss my experiences and perspectives from my time as a Special Forces Medical Sergeant.

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus is a state level 2nd Amendment advocacy group that fights for the right of all citizens to self-defense and acquisition of the tools thereof.

Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus: Home Defense Q&A

I don’t think that’s everything, but it’s everything I can remember from the last couple months. Hopefully you find this content worthwhile. If so let me know in the comments. If there’s anything you’re interesting in me writing about in the near future, let me know that in the comments as well.

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