Honoring Senator Robert J. Dole

Today our Republic lost a patriot, a soldier, a statesman, and a man of tremendous character. Senator Bob Dole was 98 years old, and served our nation for 79 of them.

When I was a teenager Bob Dole ran for President. I studied his life and career, and came to deeply admire his story, his example, and his character. I learned about the horrific wounds he suffered fighting evil, his agonizing recovery, the decorum and dignity he brought to politics, and his advocacy for veterans in retirement. Senator Dole was, in my estimation, an American and man of the highest order, and we are diminished by his departure. He was absolutely a man whom my younger self wanted to emulate, and he influenced the course of my life by the way he lived his.

May we and future generations of Americans thoughtfully study his life and follow his tremendous example. Godspeed, Mr. Dole. I hope to perhaps meet you one day.

It’s important that people understand that Bob Dole was a man of tremendously stern stuff: A steely-eyed, barrel-chested, freedom fighter if there ever was one.

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